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Laura McFadden

Executive Coach, Business Consultant

Laura McFadden Business Coach

This is my story.

Laura McFadden has worked in the financial services industry for 30+ years managing a variety of departments with increased responsibility. With a Bachelor of Science Business Management degree from Regis University, Laura discovered she has a passion for leading people. Her personal mission statement is “to help people reach their full potential through coaching, providing positive feedback and motivation.”

Due to this, Laura decided to focus her career on coaching other people – especially managers – to become the best leaders possible. That’s how these program came to life! When Laura isn’t helping people thrive, she is camping or creating something crafty with her husband and her two golden-doodles, Apollo and Zeus.


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My Core 3 Values

Values guide my interactions with my clients, my students, my friends, and my family. I teach people how to determine and life their core values in my training programs, so I want people to know what values I live by.


We need to keep our child curiosity alive as adults! Learning is what keeps our life interesting. And, not just in the classroom but in the world. Asking questions and being curious have helped me be a life-long learner. The best experience I have had in learning is when a “student becomes the teacher” and I can learn from them!


This value comes into play especially during communication. I believe in providing honest feedback – not negative, tear you down type of judgement but true feedback with the goal of helping you reach your potential. I would not have had the life experiences that I did had a few of my bosses held back on feedback. It was not always easy to hear but it was necessary. I have found the old saying “honesty is the best policy” to be very true…. especially when raising four children!


It is easy to demonstrate, free to give away, and makes me feel better! Be kind, always.

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