National cleaning week blog

National Cleaning Week

Isn’t it ironic? We start national cleaning week….and based on our current health crisis, there is no time like the present to break out the cleaning supplies.

Speaking of, let’s talk about how we’re feeling during our second week of being confined to our homes.  For many small business owners, I know there is a huge amount of fear.  How will their business survive during a time when they are being forced to close?  Can they help their employees when they have no revenue?  When they must lay-off everyone for a period, how will they keep their good employees?  Will they be able to recover from this?

I want to be honest – I don’t have the answers to these questions and so many others.  However, I want to share what I am doing to keep my fears at bay during this national cleaning week.


Home Cleaning

I started with a major deep cleaning of my home.  With so much out of my control right now, I needed to focus my attention on what I can do, and cleaning is something in my control.  That meant disinfecting the living space for myself and my family.  Interestingly, what started as a need to control something in my world, turned into the desire to give to others.  After disinfecting everything in sight, I opened a closet and sorted out the things I no longer had a use for and felt someone else could get greater value from them.  I used to poke fun at my mom who often bought things and never wore them. I must begrudgingly admit, I am my mother’s daughter and found a surprising number of garments that still had price tags on them!!!!  Some time ago, I found a sale for the perfect blouse and decided I would take one in each color – how wasteful of me, but now someone else will gain value of a brand-new top!!  Looking at the collection of items ready for donation, I reflect on how truly fortunate I am.  I have this silly connection to my mother about a love for clothing.  I am blessed to have my health, my family is healthy, currently I still have my job, and I have a fully stocked kitchen (plus enough toilet paper to last another week or so).  As of my writing, 3.3 million US residents have filed for unemployment benefits.  Now, more than ever, social cooperation is needed, and I am so grateful I could help in a small way.

Mental Cleaning

Having learned about the wonderful benefits I gained from doing some physical cleaning, what about the mental cleaning? I’m all about the routine and although I have worked at home for quite a bit now, having my family working from home with me has thrown my routine out the window!!!  So, I am working towards getting back into the groove – waking up drinking my water, take my gratitude walk, eating breakfast, getting dressed just as if I were leaving the house and then heading to my home office.  Now, these essential elements of my routine didn’t start overnight.  Every January I go through a specific sequence of activities to set up my year to be focused on what I want to achieve in all areas of my life – in my personal finances, in my career, in my relationships, in my fitness or health, and in my creativity zone or adventure zone. Using this plan, I stay focused, readjust as needed and continue to strive toward my goal achievement even in the most unique of situations – insert COVID 19 here, or other life impacting event.

Reflect, Reignite, and Reach Your Potential

Are you interested in learning about the activities that I complete in order to keep myself focused and energized to achieve my goals?  If you are, I would love to share my Reflect, Reignite, and Reach Your Potential 90-day Coaching program with you!  To learn more, complete the contact me information on my website to set up a 30 minute consultation call to see if my 90-day coaching program will help you establish your habits to achieve more, feel happier, and know that you can repeat the process throughout the year to keep the same level of energy.